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CleanGreen Liquid Calcium


The certificate below is here only to show that CleanGreen Liquid Calcium
is organic in nature and is still NOP compliant.

The reason US Ag dropped its OMRI listing in 2012 was because OMRI changed their certification guidelines for calcium. At the time, 95% of US Ag's sales were commercial, not organic, so sales didn’t warrant for US Ag to jump through the additional hoops established by OMRI, so the OMRI listing was simply allowed to lapse.

US Ag states that CleanGreen Liquid Calcium is 10% calcium chloride and 90% inert ingredients, which includes sugars and water.

Although CleanGreen Liquid Calcium is no longer listed with OMRI, we still use the same clean, nature friendly formula, and it is NOP compliant.

Various organic agencies are still approving it on a case by case basis.



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