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EBoost 76

1.25 ounces of pure, natural, perfectly balanced sea mineral electrolyte.

For Sports

Use in place of Gatorade or Powerade for the perfect rehydration electrolyte.
Use Crystal Lite Pure Lemonade to add flavor to your EBoost 76.


A Great Mineral Supplement

With 40 drops of low sodium EBoost 76 you get over 50% of your daily magnesium.
Many report an increase in stamina and energy as their
hydration and electrolytes achieve a better balance.

Plus it is the perfect source of the trace minerals
which most people lack in a normal diet.

Add to water or your favorite beverage

Just add 12 drops to a 16 ounce bottle of water
or add to other drinks to taste.

.Just 40 drops a day may make the difference between dragging
and being very alert and clearheaded, even after insufficient sleep.


For restoring minerals to RO water

Reverse Osmosis or distilled water is dead water.
EBoost 76 restores minerals, flavor and smoothness.


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EBoost 76 is Ionic Sea Minerals in a convenient package
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