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4d. Garden and RV Unit, Dynamically Enhanced, Large size
Product ID: Garden-RV-UnitDynamicallyE-large
4d. Garden and RV Unit, Dynamically Enhanced, Large size
Natural Action Technologies Large Dynamically Enhanced Garden and RV Unit. This is a house unit with garden connectors.

The Garden / RV Unit is a wonderful structuring device designed to install in a minute at the garden faucet or to the RV. For growing amazing plants, this unit produces energized water at either the outdoor faucet or the end of the garden hose. These results are even better when Ocean Trace is injected into the line before the structuring unit.

Or you may instantly fillup your motor home with delicious structured water from any questionable campground water spigot for showering, cooking, or making enjoyable beverages. Or simply enjoy a tall, cool drink of tasty water while whisking the land whale down the highway. It's pedal to the metal with structured H2O.

Fittings on the unit are 3/4" brass garden hose connectors, one end female, one end male. Length: 17.5" Actual Unit Weight: 2 lbs, 3 oz.

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