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Plants, MycorrPlus-A, 1 gal.
Product ID: Huma-Tec
Plants, MycorrPlus-A, 1 gal.
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MycorrPlus is Soil Balance combined with GroPal sea mineral concentrate. Soil Balance contains humic acids, fish and kelp, plus other ingredients. Personally, I believe that this formula has the potential to revolutionize agriculture.

This gallon jug contains enough for a high powered application for 4 acres of grass and 2 acres of garden or other crops. For the above applications, apply 32 to 64 oz. per acre.

MycorrPlus-A has the potential to help restore balance to nutrients in the soil while it helps to remediate salts and chemicals. Restoring the soil has so many wonderful side effects. Experience it for yourself!

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This explains how MycorrPlus works

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