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3b) Ocean Treasure, three 180 capsule bottles, $47 ea.
Product ID: SeaVeg3
3b) Ocean Treasure, three 180 capsule bottles, $47 ea.
Purchase three bottles of Ocean Treasure and save! Just $47 a bottle. Shipping to the USA is included in the price.
Sea plants can literally change your health. Sea vegetation has been acknowledged as a detoxifier, a balanced source of nutrients and many people believe sea vegetation works as a miraculous healing agent. Ocean algae is the richest organic source of minerals, trace minerals and rare earth minerals.

Ocean Treasure® is a proprietary blend of 4 red, 4 brown and 1 green sea vegetables, plus concentrated low sodium sea mineral powder. Our sea vegetables are chosen from 10,000 varieties for their powerful nutritional profiles and our sea minerals are a dense source of sea minerals.

We use vegetable capsules, so Ocean Treasure is 100% vegan.

180 Capsule bottle, adults take 1 to 4 a day

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